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ENS@T - Registry News and Updates August 2014

This page shows new studies, updates to data points and functions, and bugs resolved in the past month.

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Data points

EURINE-ACT (the following data points have been added to the export function for ACC patients)

  • Diagnostic Procedures
    • Date of diagnosis
    • Mitotane start
    • Miotane end
  • Transferred from NAPACA


  • GBBI user accounts have been opened within center - so all users have edit rights on every other GBBI associated patient
  • User account security has been upgraded to follow industry best practice (SHA-256 hash with cryptographic salt)
  • Audit and monitoring log capabilities have been enhanced - capable of user, session and ENSAT ID based action queries, and direct comparison of old, current and updated clinical values
  • Enhancement of registry code efficiency - re-factoring of database connection pooling, process threads for export function and memory usage of web container


  • Associated study selection in biomaterial forms was not operating - this has now been resolved.
  • The center ID menu in the search pages was not rendering - this has now been resolved.

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