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ENS@T - Registry News and Updates March 2015

This page shows new studies, updates to data points and functions, and bugs resolved in the past six months.

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Data points

Predict Ancillary FIRM-ACT Study (ACC - FRPA3)

  • Diagnostic Procedures
    • Date of FIRM-ACT enrolment
    • Comorbidities (x5)
    • Performance status (ECOG)
    • Date of metastatic diagnosis

Study Protocols

  • HairCo
  • MAPP-Prono
  • Long-term PHPGL
  • MIBG Impact
  • Predict Ancillary FIRM-ACT


  • Generalised study email notifications: any patient registered as being a candidate for a study will automatically trigger a notification email to be sent to the study PI
  • Access is now restricted to membership of the ENSAT network in good standing of at least Auxiliary level. Account deactivation is also available for any PIs that require this.
  • Deceased ACC patients are flagged in the home ACC listing where appropriate


  • A variety of ordering and labelling issues in the pheo non-surgical interventions and imaging forms have now been fixed

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