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ENS@T - Registry News and Updates November 2016

This page shows new studies, updates to data points and functions, and bugs resolved in the past six months.

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Data points

NAPACA (Working group update)

  • Diagnostic Procedures / Follow-Up
    • BMI
    • Waist
    • Duration of hypertension
    • Duration of diabetes
    • Duration of dyslipidaemia
    • Duration of osteoporosis
    • Previous psychiatric history
    • Number of anti-diabetes drugs
    • Number of anti-lipid drugs
    • Number of osteoporosis drugs
    • Number of anti-hypertension drugs
    • Total cholesterol
    • HDL cholesterol
    • Triglycerides
    • Systolic BP
    • Diastolic BP
    • Hb1Ac
    • Previous cardio events
    • Previous DVT/PE events
    • Screening for PA
    • Subclinical cushing
    • Renin/PRA
    • Left adrenal size at CT
    • Right adrenal size at CT
    • Left adrenal weight
    • Right adrenal weight


  • Improved search interface (parametric search conditions, save search function, feasibility test option)
  • Improved Lysosafe import function, with full reporting, ID matching and legacy upload
  • NAPACApp mobile application interface
  • BioApp mobile application interface with biomaterial manifest generation and QR code scanning

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